The Elegance of an Eggplant

The Elegance of an Eggplant

Morning’s symphony greets me
As I step barefoot
On cold wet grass. Steam rises
From my chipped, blue mug,
Mingling with my breath,
Reminding me of
Vegetables to harvest
Leaves that will soon fall

The garden, Too long left wild,
Is tangled like the hair of
A neglected child. I breathe
Sadness, lost in longing for
New growth, for fullness…
For A past long gone.

Then, suddenly…
a flash of deep purple!
And I am returned to this moment,
This breath, this garden.
And I am filled with
such gratefulness for all
That lives, all that passes…
And especially for this…
The simple elegance
Of an eggplant

by dlk  2016

There are many ways to explore the exquisite beauty, the precious fragile nature of this present moment…and there are 10,000 teachers (the 10,000 things) oh so willing to help us along the way…the eggplant was my teacher that day!  …dlk


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